Supply Only Auction Items

At Auction Direct we offer a range of exclusive auction items for your live auction event, including a boutique collection of 5* experiences, authentic art and signed memorabilia, all available to you at NO RISK.

When running your own event auction, we can help you to ‘fill the gaps’ by selecting from our range of auction items.

How it works (in 6 easy steps)

  1. Choose which Lot Items you would like to include in your Auction
  2. We send you the Title, Description and a Picture of each for your own publicity / brochure
  3. We send you a printable pdf with three Mini Vouchers for each experience *
  4. Hand the Mini Voucher to the winner in exchange for their payment (or commitment to pay) on the night
  5. After the event, let us know what has sold – so we can Invoice you
  6. We send out the full validated vouchers / framed items to your winners

Our Vouchers are available at NO UPFRONT COST. Our fixed, low cost price is only payable if and when the item has sold in your auction.

Framed items can be purchased in advance of the event and returned for a full refund should they not sell. Our price includes shipping to you in time for your event, or directly to the winner, soon afterwards.

We recommend that you set your ‘reserve’ at least 20% above our cost price, as a minimum margin for the charity and you keep every penny above our low cost price.

Sample Mini Voucher

So, for example:

item cost price £400 / reserve set at £500 / sells for £750 / you get £350 (£750-£400)

With a reasonably generous audience, you can expect to achieve 40-60% average profit above our cost.

* allowing you / your Auctioneer to potentially sell up to three of each Item

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