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Our Top Tips For Organising A Silent Auction

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

1. Consider the big picture first. Which style of Auction is going to best suit your event and maximise your fundraising? You will want to look at the calibre of your guest list, the number of donated items you will have, the cost of screens and technology versus a paper-based system, whether you need an auction company to support you rather than DIY, and if you need to source some additional lots for auction prizes.

2. Do your best to ensure that any cost outlay will be outweighed by additional revenue from your charity auction. Is it worth spending £3k on the ‘wow factor’ if it only leads to an extra £2k in revenue?

3. Make sure you have flexibility and value from your Auction Company. You will want to be able to adjust the number of lot items needed as you get closer to the event date and see what has been donated. Question why a Company might try to get you into a contract or long-term commitment…

4. Compare the quality and price of supplied lot items as they can vary considerably. Some suppliers buy (on ebay potentially) a signature taken from the inside cover of a book, incorporating it into a framed presentation along with photographs of the star. Auction Direct deal only in photographs and shirts which have been hand-signed, personally, by the star – with holograms and signing photographs supplied by our reputable specialist suppliers.

5. Check if you get to keep ALL the profit above the cost price? Some companies think it ok to share the profit with you. Auction Direct believe there is no possible way to justify a supplier taking part of your profit, donated by your generous supporters. Our lot items are premium quality, low cost price, with authentic signatures and you keep EVERY PENNY above our competitive cost price – always.

6. Need some advice to help you reach the right decision? Then talk to us at Auction Direct. With an overview of your event, we can advise which type of Auction is likely to work best for you, to minimise risk and maximise your fundraising – be that ‘doing it yourself’, a secret bid silent auction, or going for electronic technology bidding. Our advice is always free.


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