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Auction Prizes That Are Sure To Attract Attention & Bids

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money for your charity and provide your supporters with the opportunity to bid on unique and exciting prizes. Here are some ideas for silent auction prizes that are sure to attract attention and generate bids:

  1. Luxurious holiday package: Offer a trip to a tropical paradise or a European getaway.

  2. Exclusive dining experience: At a local restaurant or a private dinner at home for a group of friends or family. This could include a multi-course meal, wine pairing, and a personal chef.

  3. Adventure activities: Offer a day of adventure activities like an aerobatic adventure flight, paragliding thrill day or off-road driving experience.

  4. Sports package: Offer tickets and hospitality packages for hard to come by sports events such as Wimbledon, Monaco Grand Prix, Six Nations Rugby.

  5. Artwork or Memorabilia: Offer a selection of limited edition original lithographs from classic, popular and upcoming artists as well as signed TV, Film or Sports memorabilia.

  6. Spa day: Offer a day of pampering at a luxury spa.

  7. Golf Break: This could also include a stay at a hotel with dinner.

It is important to offer a wide variety of prizes to ensure you have something that will appeal to everyone. As a rule of thumb we'd recommend including one prize for every 10 guests.

No matter what type of silent auction prizes you choose to offer, be sure to advertise them effectively to generate excitement and attract bidders, whether that be on big screens or printed in programmes / brochures, or by displaying physical items at your event.

If you're struggling to get enough items donated or don't have the time, we can help 'fill the gaps' with our range of experience vouchers, limited edition art, celebrity and sport memorabilia.


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